Bar Stools & Counter Stools

Bar stool — an interior. It arose with the improvement of the bar, which in the first bars was a simple partition between the seller and the customer.

Many visitors to the bar often did not leave the bar, drinking drinks there, which led to the development of this interior detail: the bar counter was to be executed with a comfortable broad tabletop, and since its height was about 110-130 cm, it took chairs of the appropriate height , named — bar. Currently, the bar stool orange counter stools is a commonly used detail of the interior, found not only in bars, but also in private interiors.

Bar stools have several functional and constructive differences from a regular chair:

The seat height of the chair about 80 cm allows you to sit at a high bar counter.
Chair foot perimeter for ease of landing.
Reduced seat size.
Very often, for ease of use, the seat of the chair is made rotary, and the back seat has a minimum height.

The bar stool consists of a frame and a seat. The frame can be made of wood, metal or plastic. With qualitative design and execution, the correct choice of materials, the strength of the structure is almost the same, the choice of stool material more depends on the style of the interior. The seat can be soft or rigid, depending on the style of the interior and the functional features of the room.

Also, bar stools differ in the way they are used: bar stools for public facilities — bars, pubs and bar stools for home use. Chairs for bars, pubs are more reliable constructive and wear-resistant paint and varnish materials, such chairs look more massive and reliable.