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An American study from 2009 showed a possible link between the long-term use of cannabis and the risk of a particularly aggressive form of testicular cancer. Earlier studies have already shown that cannabis use reduces the quality of sperm and the production of testosterone. After a short time, recovery will already occur.

Research shows that cannabis smoke contains many of the same substances as tobacco smoke buy halley’s comet, including even higher concentrations of certain carcinogenic hydrocarbon particles.

Multiple studies among cannabis users provided ample evidence to suggest that cannabis smoking can lead to bronchial mucosal damage and inflammation, and an increase in respiratory-related irritation symptoms such as cough, mucus production and wheezing, similar to tobacco use. Nevertheless, in the case of various analyzes of lung function / diseases, no adverse effects of cannabis use on the airways were observed.

In a 1997 study by Sydney S. et al., As well as in an epidemiological analysis of the relationship between cannabis smoke and cancer performed by Hashibe et al. (2005), no causal link has been found between cannabis smoke and tobacco smoke related cancers such as lung -, bowel and rectal cancer.

Prolonged use of cannabis can lead to a syndrome in which the patient must periodically vomit vigorously: the cannabinoid-hyperemesis syndrome.