The electric cigarette

The electric cigarette or electronic cigarette (also called «vaporizer», «vapeador», eCig or eCigar) is an electronic inhaler system designed in its

origin to simulate and substitute tobacco consumption but it can also be used by people who do not smoke. over 18 years

These devices cbd vape juice canada use a resistor and battery to heat and vaporize a liquid solution. The liquid solution (called vaping liquid, e-Liquid or e-Juice) may or may not contain flavors and liquid nicotine.

The device takes the form of a straw, slightly longer than a normal cigarette (those that exactly mimic a normal cigarette are usually not an appropriate option) 51 although there are larger formats that have more autonomy and greater capacity to generate steam.

The appliance contains a replaceable or rechargeable cartridge or atomizer filled with liquid. The main substances contained in the liquid are: propylene glycol (usually around 70%) and / or vegetable glycerin (usually around 30%), nicotine in different doses as optional (usually between 0 mg and 24 milligrams per milliliter) and optional aromas.

When the user inhales through the device, in some models, the air flow is detected by a sensor. A microprocessor then activates a nebulizer (popularized by the industry as an atomizer), which injects tiny droplets of liquid into the flowing air and also activates an orange LED (which in the latest models can be other colors: green, blue , pink, etc.) at the tip of the device to better simulate the authentic act of smoking. The cigarette heats the liquid up to 60 degrees. A fact to underline is that, since unlike the traditional cigarette, there is no combustion, it makes the negative effects on health much less important, being affirmed by many health professionals, tabacologists and pulmonologists)